How to Learn Singing “Devils Haircut” from Beck

Mastering ‘Devils Haircut’ by Beck

‘Devils Haircut,’ a song by Beck, highlights the unique vocal technique of Twang, a vocal style characterized by a clear resonance

Understanding and Practicing Twang

Twang in singing can add presence and intensity to your voice. It’s perceivable as an increase in volume but without pushing your voice. See this article for more insights. The exercise, How to Twang, is a helpful video to practice this technique.

Determining Your Vocal Range

When learning a new song, it’s important to first understand your vocal range. Use this vocal range test to discover where ‘Devils Haircut’ fits within your range.

Learning the Song

Having familiarized yourself with the Twang technique and understood your vocal range, the next step is to learn the song. Explore our guide on how to learn a song effectively.

Singing with Twang

Now it’s time to sing ‘Devils Haircut’ with Twang. This vocal technique is not just used in Beck’s songs; artists like Dolly Parton and Michael Jackson also used Twang in some of their hits. Start practicing with Beck’s song, then move on to songs of these artists using our song search tool.

Improving Your Performance

Consider monitoring your pitch accuracy with our pitch accuracy test and further refine your singing skills with our pitch training tool.

Final Words

Mastering ‘Devils Haircut’ and the Twang technique will serve as a stepping stone towards enhancing your vocal skills and broadening your repertoire. Remember, practice makes perfect!