How to Learn Singing “Disease” from Matchbox Twenty

Unraveling Matchbox Twenty’s “Disease”

Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty showcases the power and energy of rock vocals in his song “Disease”. Let’s embark on a learning journey to understand this remarkable vocal repertoire.

Understand Your Voice

To start, it’s essential to analyze your voice. Use Singing Carrots’ Vocal Range Test to discover your vocal range and compare it to Rob Thomas.

Vocal Technique: Distortion

One standout vocal technique in “Disease” is vocal distortion. This raw, gritty effect adds intensity and emotional layers to a rock song. Rob Thomas also uses it in “How Far We’ve Come”. To practice, watch this growling exercise.

Perfecting the Intensity

Distortion requires strong breath support. Start with understanding breath support and do the Sustain Vocal exercise.

Next, ensure good posture. Watch this video for tips, and read how posture impacts singing.

Practicing and Performing “Disease”

Use Singing Carrots’ Pitch Monitor to assess your vocal tinkering. Plus, try out the Pitch Training game for a fun warm-up.

In terms of interpretation, read about singing with intuition and emotion to convey the song’s message. Remember, stage performance is also crucial, so study these performance tips.

Protect Your Voice

Finally, maintain vocal health by practicing diaphragm bounce for healthy vibrato. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines for protecting your voice.

Soon you’ll master the vocal dynamism of “Disease”, and develop a new skill set that expands your singing limits!