How to Learn Singing “Disposable Heroes” from Metallica

How to Learn Metallica’s “Disposable Heroes”

Learning to sing a song like Metallica’s “Disposable Heroes” requires a combination of vocal technique, practice, and understanding the unique style of the band. In this article, we’ll explore the vocal technique used in this song and provide practical advice on how to approach learning and performing it. We’ll also mention other popular songs that share similar vocal techniques. Let’s dive in!

Vocal Technique in “Disposable Heroes”

“Disposable Heroes” is known for its aggressive and powerful vocal delivery. To sing this song effectively, you’ll need to master techniques like:

  • Vocal Projection: Metallica’s music demands strong vocal projection, especially during the intense sections of the song. Practice projecting your voice from the diaphragm to achieve a powerful and resonant sound.
  • Vocal Distortion: “Disposable Heroes” features moments of vocal distortion, which adds grit and intensity to the vocals. Learn the proper techniques for vocal distortion to replicate this effect without straining your vocal cords.
  • Aggressive Articulation: Metallica’s lyrics are delivered with a certain aggression and intensity. Pay attention to your articulation and pronunciation to capture the raw emotion of the song.

These techniques are not unique to “Disposable Heroes” and can be found in many other metal and rock songs. Some popular songs that share similar vocal techniques include:

Learning and Practicing “Disposable Heroes”

Now that you understand the vocal techniques involved, let’s look at practical steps to learn and practice “Disposable Heroes”. Here’s a suggested approach:

  1. Listen and Analyze: Start by listening to the song multiple times. Pay attention to the vocal delivery, dynamics, and overall structure. Sing along to familiarize yourself with the melody and lyrics.
  2. Breathing and Posture: Before singing, warm up your voice and focus on proper breathing and posture. Check out Singing Carrots’ Breathing Basics article for tips on breathing effectively.
  3. Vocal Range and Pitch Accuracy: Take Singing Carrots’ Vocal Range Test and Pitch Accuracy Test to understand your vocal range and pitch accuracy. This knowledge will help you adapt the song to your voice.
  4. Vocal Exercises: Incorporate vocal exercises from Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game program to improve your vocal agility and control.
  5. Song Structure and Phrasing: Break down the song into smaller sections and practice each section individually. Focus on phrasing, dynamics, and capturing the energy of the song.
  6. Vocal Distortion Technique: If you’re comfortable with vocal distortion, practice incorporating it into the appropriate sections of the song. Refer to Singing Carrots’ Vocal Distortion & Growling article for guidance.
  7. Performance Tips: When you feel confident with the song, work on your stage presence and performance skills. Singing Carrots’ Tips for Performing on Stage article can provide useful insights.

Remember, consistency and practice are key to mastering any song. Take breaks when needed, but stay dedicated to your vocal training.


“Disposable Heroes” by Metallica is a challenging song that requires strong vocal technique, practice, and attention to detail. By mastering aggressive vocal projection, vocal distortion, and precise articulation, you can capture the essence of this powerful track. Remember to adapt the song to your vocal range and always prioritize vocal health. Happy singing!