How to Learn Singing “Dreamlover” from Mariah Carey

How to Learn Singing “Dreamlover” by Mariah Carey

“Dreamlover” is a hit song by Mariah Carey, that showcases her unique and skillful use of the whistle register. It’s a demanding song, but with a good understanding of your own voice and the right techniques, you can learn it effectively.

Understanding Your Voice

Before attempting a challenging song like “Dreamlover”, it’s important to understand your own voice. Analyzing your voice and knowing your voice type, will help you adapt the song to your capabilities. To do this, consider using Singing Carrots’ Vocal range test.

Mastering the Whistle Register

The whistle register is the highest register of the vocal range, creating high, flute-like notes. Mariah Carey uses this in “Dreamlover” during the chorus. Learning to use the whistle register safely is something that takes time and practice, as noted in our article on voice registers.

Practicing the Song

Now it’s time to start learning the song. Learn the song effectively by breaking it down into smaller parts and practicing each part separately. The chorus, where Mariah uses her whistle register, may be particularly challenging.

Remember the importance of good breath support and open mouth and throat techniques. Ensure you are practicing regularly with the right vocal exercises

Other Songs with Whistle Register

If you enjoy the challenge of the whistle register used in “Dreamlover”, you might want to explore songs by other artists who famously use this technique. Artists such as Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera have songs in their repertoire that showcase the whistle register.