How to Learn Singing “Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)” from Train

Learning to Sing “Drops of Jupiter” by Train

“Drops of Jupiter” by Train is a beloved song that presents singers with the opportunity to challenge their vocal abilities, specifically in the area of articulation and vocal breaks.

Step 1: Understand the Song and Vocal Techniques

“Drops of Jupiter” demands clear articulation to deliver its rhythmic and wordy lyrics. Familiarize yourself with concepts of
articulation. A Finger Bite exercise can help improve your diction.

The song also requires seamless transitions between vocal registers. Learn about voice registers & vocal break. Try the Voice Break exercise to navigate between registers smoothly.

Step 2: Identify Your Vocal Range

Use the Vocal range test to know your vocal range. You can also refer to voice types to understand where your voice sits. Remember to sing within your comfortable range to avoid straining.

Step 3: Practice the Song

Use the effective song learning method. Work on individual sections before singing the entire song, focusing specifically on sections that challenge your vocal breaks and articulation.

Track Your Progress

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your sung notes and the Pitch accuracy test to assess how precisely you hit the notes.

You can also find songs similar to “Drops of Jupiter” in terms of vocal range and genre using the Song search tool.

Other Songs for Similar Vocal Techniques

If you’re looking to practice the same vocal techniques used in “Drops of Jupiter,” consider songs such as “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train or “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, which also offer a good balance of articulation and register shifts.

In Summary

“Drops of Jupiter” is a challenging yet rewarding song to work on vocal skills. Embrace the learning process and enjoy your singing journey!