How to Learn Singing “El Cantante” from Ruben Blades

Learning to Sing “El Cantante” by Ruben Blades

One of the striking aspects of “El Cantante” by Ruben Blades is its use of sustained notes and unique vocal techniques. The techniques used in this song include the heavy modal, which is essential in pop, rock and r&b genres.(Learn about the heavy modal technique)

Similar use of the heavy modal technique can be found in other popular songs like “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers and “She’s Gone” by Hall & Oates. Let’s break down the learning process:

Step 1: Analyze Your Voice

Before learning a song, it’s important to first understand your vocal range and ability. “El Cantante” requires a large vocal range due to its use of sustained high notes. Use the vocal range test to find your comfortable range. (Read more about how to analyze your voice)

Step 2: Learn the Lyrics

Understanding the story and message behind the song allows for an authentic and moving performance. Remember, singing is more than hitting the right notes – it’s about conveying feelings and narratives.

Step 3: Practice the Vocal Technique

The heavy modal technique is key for singing “El Cantante.” Practice this by using the interactive pitch training to enhance your skills. (Read more about the heavy modal technique)

Step 4: Sing Along

Start singing along with the song. Use the vocal pitch monitor to help you stay on key throughout your singing practice. Pitch Training is also useful to work on your accuracy.

Step 5: Monitor Your Progress

Finally, ensure to monitor your singing improvement. This can be both rewarding and motivating. Our singing course can help you keep track of your progress.

Remember to always stay hydrated, warm up your vocals before singing, and maintain good posture to avoid vocal fatigue or damage. (Read more about vocal health)