How to Learn Singing “Everlong” from Foo Fighters

How to Learn Singing Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”

Singing Foo Fighters’ iconic song “Everlong” requires a mix of powerful vocals, emotional delivery, and an understanding of the unique vocal techniques used by Dave Grohl. In this article, we’ll explore how to effectively learn and sing this song, as well as highlight the vocal techniques employed by Grohl that are also found in other popular songs.

1. Analyze and Understand Your Voice

Before diving into learning the song, take some time to analyze your vocal range and voice type. Singing Carrots’ Vocal Range Test can help you determine your vocal range and compare it with famous singers. Understanding your voice will enable you to adapt the song to your vocal capabilities.

2. Listen and Study

Start by listening to “Everlong” multiple times to familiarize yourself with the melody, rhythm, and phrasing. Pay attention to Dave Grohl’s vocal delivery, the dynamics he uses, and the emotions he conveys through his voice. This will help you capture the essence of the song and interpret it authentically.

3. Warm-up and Vocal Exercises

Before attempting to sing “Everlong,” warm up your voice with Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training exercises. Focus on breathing, breath support, and vocal agility to prepare your voice for the demands of the song.

4. Master Vocal Technique

One of the unique vocal techniques used in “Everlong” is belting, which involves singing in a powerful and intense manner. To develop your belting technique, check out Singing Carrots’ article on Contemporary Vocal Techniques: Heavy Modal, Twang, Belting. This article provides insights and exercises to help you master this technique.

It is worth noting that belting is also used in other popular songs like “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey and “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Studying these songs can further enhance your understanding and execution of the belting technique.

5. Practice and Rehearse

Divide the song into sections and practice each section individually, focusing on the vocal techniques and emotions specific to that part. Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor can be a helpful tool to visualize and improve your pitch accuracy while practicing.

6. Perform with Confidence

When you feel confident with each section, start rehearsing the entire song. Pay attention to transitions between sections, dynamics, and emotional expression. Singing Carrots’ article on How to Overcome Stage Fright and Tips for Performing on Stage can provide valuable advice for building confidence and stage presence.


Singing Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” is a rewarding experience that allows you to explore powerful vocals and emotional expression. By analyzing your voice, studying the song, mastering vocal techniques, and practicing diligently, you can learn to sing this song with confidence and authenticity. Remember to utilize the resources provided by Singing Carrots to enhance your learning and improve your overall singing skills.