How to Learn Singing “Everything Has Changed” from Taylor Swift

Learning to Sing “Everything Has Changed” by Taylor Swift

“Everything Has Changed” is a popular track by Taylor Swift. In this song, Swift’s vocal technique primarily involves the use of twang, a technique used in pop and country music to achieve a bright, sharp tone. The same technique can be seen in popular songs like “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

Dissect the Song

To begin learning this song, you should first familiarize yourself with its structure, melody, and lyrics. Our interactive tutorial on how to learn a song effectively offers several useful strategies. It’s vital to study Swift’s singing style, paying attention to her use of twang, rhythm, and phrasing.

Understand Twang

Twang requires precise control of your larynx, pharynx, and vocal cords. Use our recommended exercise on how to twang to develop this skill. Twang can give your voice a distinct, resonant sound that cuts through the music, a characteristic of many pop and country songs.

Assess Your Voice

Try using the Vocal Range Test to understand your vocal range. “Everything Has Changed” sits in the middle to high part of the range for most voice types, so make sure it’s comfortable for your voice, adjusting the key if necessary.

Pitch Accuracy

The importance of pitch accuracy cannot be overstated, especially in a song like this where the melody carries the emotional depth of the lyrics. Our Pitch Accuracy Test can help ensure you’re hitting the right notes.

Rehearse and Refine

With the basics in place, it’s time to begin rehearsing. During this phase, focus on the emotion narration and rhythm. Revisit our article on singing with emotion for insight.

Remember, the tone of Twang has to be supported by the right posture and breath control. These aspects are paramount to your performance, consistent practice will help you project the twang in your voice with ease and expressiveness.

Finally, be patient with yourself. Swift’s vocal control and distinctive performance style come from years of experience. Give yourself the time to learn and grow into your own unique interpretation of the song.