How to Learn Singing “exile” from Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver

Learn to Sing ‘Exile’ by Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver

Taylor Swift’s remarkable song ‘Exile’, featuring Bon Iver, is an emotionally compelling piece showcasing unique vocal techniques.

Vocal Techniques

The song mainly uses the technique of ‘chest voice’ where both artists deliver a rich, resonant sound. Taylor Swift uses her mid-to-low alto range while Bon Iver tends towards his baritone range. It’s essential to understand your vocal range, to adapt the song to your voice.

Another critical aspect is ‘articulation’, the clarity in the production of syllables, as the verses are rhythmically complex with several quick, syncopated phrases. To improve this, consider following this articulation exercise.

Learning the Song

Start with deeply understanding the song’s structure and lyrics. Take note of the unique phrasing of the lines. Use our Pitch Training to work on those tricky note sequences.

‘Exile’ has a broad vocal range, from E3 to A4. You can use the song search tool to find other songs with similar ranges. This can be a great way to practice before you perform the song. For example, ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol, or ‘Let It Be’ by The Beatles, share similarities.

Once you’re comfortable with the notes and lyrics, begin to mesh the words with melodies. Start slow and gradually speed up your tempo.

Emoting the Song

‘Exile’s’ narrative revolves around two conflicting perspectives of a relationship’s end. It cries out for emotional authenticity. Consider the balance between intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking as you perform the song.

Closing Advice

Remember, consistent practice and patience are key to mastering any song. Don’t forget to hydrate, keep good posture, and have fun as you explore this beautiful piece of music!

Last but not least, check out our comprehensive singing course for more details on these techniques and many more.

Good luck, and enjoy singing ‘Exile’!