How to Learn Singing “Fade Away” from Blur

Mastering “Fade Away” by Blur

Blur’s “Fade Away” involves singing with high resonance and a mix of chest and head voice. Let’s break down how to master this song:

Step 1: Understand Your Voice and Vocal Capabilities

Assess your voice type and capabilities. Use our Vocal range test to discover your vocal range and compare it with renowned singers. Then, read our blog posts on voice registers and vocal break and voice types to better understand your voice.

Step 2: Analyze the Song

The song, although appears simple, stretches across different voice registers. Find the song in our database and see the song’s key, vocal range, and complexity.

Step 3: Practice the Vocal Techniques Specific to “Fade Away”

The main technique utilized in this song is the shift from chest to head voice at higher notes. This requires a well-developed mixed voice, which you can practice with our Mixed Voice Video..

You can find more songs that use this style of singing in our vocal ranges of famous singers database. Look for artists like Oasis and The Verve.

Step 4: Apply Vocals to the Song Melody

Use Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your pitch accuracy while practicing. For better breath control and sustain, practice the Sustain Vocal Exercise.

Step 5: Learn and Memorize the Song

Start slow, either by humming the tune or singing along with the melody at a reduced tempo, increasing gradually until reaching the original tempo. Read our article on how to learn a song effectively for more tips.

Step 6: Perform and Reflect

Perform the song, either alone, with a recording, or in front of others. Reflect on and refine your performance with the advice on tips for performing on stage and overcoming stage fright.

Mastering a song requires patient and practice. Celebrate progress in small steps, enjoy the process, and keep singing!