How to Learn Singing “Feed the Birds” from Julie Andrews

How to Learn Julie Andrews’ “Feed the Birds” with Singing Carrots

Learning to sing a particular song requires focus, practice, and the right tools to help you develop the necessary skills. In this article, we will explore how to learn the iconic song “Feed the Birds” by Julie Andrews, while highlighting the unique vocal technique used in the song and mentioning other popular songs that utilize similar techniques. We will also incorporate practical advice and relevant Singing Carrots resources to assist you in your learning journey.

The Vocal Technique in “Feed the Birds”

“Feed the Birds” is a beautiful and heartfelt song that showcases Julie Andrews’ incredible vocal talent. One of the unique vocal techniques used in this song is the controlled use of vibrato. Vibrato is a slight variation in pitch that adds warmth and depth to a singer’s voice. It is used by Julie Andrews to evoke emotion and create a captivating performance.

To learn and master this technique, Singing Carrots offers a helpful resource called “Singing with Vibrato.” This video tutorial provides exercises and techniques to develop a controlled vibrato and incorporates examples from Julie Andrews’ performances to inspire and guide your practice. You can access the video tutorial here.

Practical Advice for Learning “Feed the Birds”

Learning a song effectively requires a systematic approach. Here are some practical steps you can follow to learn “Feed the Birds” by Julie Andrews:

  1. Analyze your voice: Before diving into learning the song, take the time to analyze your vocal range and voice type. Singing Carrots offers a vocal range test that can help you determine your vocal range and compare it to famous singers. Take the test here.
  2. Warm up and practice: Begin your practice session with vocal warm-ups to prepare your voice. Singing Carrots’ “Breath/Warm-up/Practice-starter” video tutorial provides exercises to improve your breathing and warm up your vocal cords. You can find the tutorial here.
  3. Focus on vocal technique: As you learn and sing “Feed the Birds,” pay attention to the vocal technique used by Julie Andrews. Sing with an open mouth and throat to expand your vocal resonance. Singing Carrots’ article on “Open mouth & throat” provides valuable insights and tips on how to achieve this. Read the article here.
  4. Memorize the lyrics: Familiarize yourself with the lyrics of the song and ensure you understand and connect with the meaning behind them. Singing Carrots’ song search feature can assist you in finding the lyrics to “Feed the Birds.” Search for the song here.
  5. Practice with the Vocal Pitch Monitor: Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor is a valuable tool that allows you to see the notes you sing on a virtual piano. This can help you ensure pitch accuracy and improve your overall performance. Open the Vocal Pitch Monitor here.
  6. Monitor your progress: It’s important to track your improvement throughout your learning journey. Singing Carrots offers progress statistics that can help you monitor your singing progress over time.

Related Songs and Further Resources

The vocal technique used in “Feed the Birds” can also be found in other popular songs. Here are a few examples:

  • “A Spoonful of Sugar” – Another iconic song from Mary Poppins, performed by Julie Andrews, that showcases her use of vibrato. Sing the song and study Julie Andrews’ performance to further develop your vocal technique.
  • “I Could Have Danced All Night” – From the musical “My Fair Lady,” this song features beautiful vocal control and technique similar to “Feed the Birds.” Explore the song and practice incorporating the vibrato technique.
  • “The Sound of Music” – The title song from the musical “The Sound of Music” is another example of a song where Julie Andrews displays her vocal prowess. Analyze her performance to gain inspiration for your own singing.