How to Learn Singing “Feeling Whitney” from Post Malone

Understanding and Singing ‘Feeling Whitney’ by Post Malone

‘Feeling Whitney’ by Post Malone is a mastery of an authentic, vulnerable vocal delivery. Let’s learn how to approach this remarkable song.

Initial steps

First, familiarize yourself with the song: melody, lyrics, rhythm, and mood. Use our Song Search Tool to print a score, get lyrics, or find karaoke for ‘Feeling Whitney’.

Assess your voice

Assess your vocal range to compare with Malone’s. If it’s a mismatch, consider transposing the song. Measure your pitch accuracy – it’s crucial for this song’s accurate and clean delivery.

Key Vocal Technique: Emotional Authenticity

‘Feeling Whitney’ thrives on emotional authenticity, similar to songs like ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and ‘The A Team’ by Ed Sheeran.

Developing Authenticity

Authenticity comes from the heart, so connect with the song’s sentiments. Remember, it’s about delivering the song’s emotions, not imitating Malone.

See our articles on singing with emotion and finding your authentic voice.

Vital Techniques for ‘Feeling Whitney’

Breath Support

Please read up on breath support and practice Farinelli Breathing for better control over long notes and passages.


Given the bare instrumental backdrop, your voice needs to resonate and fill the spaces. Study resonance in singing.


Improve your articulation to ensure that every word is clear. Check out our guide and this helpful exercise.

Practice and Performance

Practicing consistently and in a structured way will make it easier to perform this song. Start with a warm-up: try humming and the 3 Minute Warm-Up.

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to monitor your sung notes. This tool can be very beneficial in identifying areas you struggle with.

Remember to take care of your vocal health.

Performing ‘Feeling Whitney’

‘Feeling Whitney’ is a tender song, and stage presence is essential. Study our articles on overcoming stage fright and performance tips.

Post Malone’s ‘Feeling Whitney’ is a challenge and an opportunity to grow as a singer. Take it step by step and enjoy your progress!