How to Learn Singing “Focus” from Ariana Grande

How to Learn Singing “Focus” by Ariana Grande

If you’ve been inspired by Ariana Grande’s powerful vocals in her hit song “Focus,” you may be wondering how you can learn to sing it with the same technique and skill. In this article, we’ll break down the unique vocal technique used in the song and provide practical advice to help you learn and master it.

Understanding the Vocal Technique

In “Focus,” Ariana Grande demonstrates impressive control over her voice and utilizes a technique known as belting. Belting is a powerful singing style that emphasizes strong and sustained high notes, creating a dynamic and impactful performance. This technique is commonly used in pop music, allowing singers to showcase their vocal range and expressiveness.

Practical Tips to Learn “Focus”

1. Warm up: Before attempting to sing “Focus,” it’s essential to warm up your voice to prevent strain and injury. Singing Carrots offers a great vocal warm-up exercise called Farinelli Breathing to help you prepare your voice.

2. Breath support: To achieve the powerful belting effect, proper breath support is crucial. Singing Carrots provides valuable information on breath support that will help you develop the control and stability needed for belting.

3. Articulation: Pay attention to your articulation while singing “Focus.” Clear and precise pronunciation will enhance the overall delivery of the song. Check out the Finger Bite exercise from Singing Carrots to improve your articulation skills.

4. Open mouth and throat: To achieve the powerful and resonant sound required for belting, it’s important to keep your mouth and throat open while singing. Singing Carrots discusses the importance of an open mouth and throat in their article, which can help you understand and practice this technique effectively.

Additional Resources

For a more comprehensive guide on singing techniques, vocal health, and performance-related advice, Singing Carrots offers a wide range of articles that can support your learning journey. Here are some recommended articles:

Make use of Singing Carrots’ tools like the Vocal range test and Pitch accuracy test to assess and improve your singing abilities. Additionally, the Song search feature will help you find songs suitable for your vocal range and genre preference.

Remember, learning a song requires practice and patience. Take advantage of the resources provided by Singing Carrots to enhance your singing skills and enjoy the process of learning “Focus” by Ariana Grande!