How to Learn Singing “Forever Autumn” from Justin Hayward

Learning to Sing “Forever Autumn” by Justin Hayward

“Forever Autumn” by Justin Hayward is an iconic song known for its soft, melodic line and Hayward’s emotive vocal deliverance. Hayward employs a unique vocal technique in this song, notably his use of a softer mixed voice, which can also be observed in tracks such as “Nights in White Satin”.

Understand Your Vocal Range and Capabilities

To sing this song effectively, you should first take the vocal range test to understand your vocal potential. Familiarize yourself with the voice types and understand which category you fit into. This will help you adapt the song to your range if necessary.

Mastering the Mixed Voice

The mixed voice blends the chest and head voices, allowing smoother transitions between notes and is evident throughout “Forever Autumn”. By training your mixed voice, you can achieve this effect. “Forever Autumn” is in the tenor range, but if you are a baritone or bass, you might need to transpose the song to suit your vocal range.

Setting Emotions through Unhindered Breathing

Breathing, and more specifically, passive breathing plays a crucial role in this piece to convey the implicit melancholy of the lyrics. Practicing Farinelli Breathing will equip you to control your breath effectively as you sing, thereby emulating Hayward’s emotional delivery.

Articulation and Expression

Word play and articulation are essential for delivering the song’s narrative. Try this Finger Bite exercise to enhance your articulation. This, along with well-controlled consonant and vowel sounds, would make you sound more like Hayward.

Practical advice

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor and Pitch Accuracy Test to train your ears and the precision of your pitches. Incorporate these tools into your daily singing routine to improve consistently.

Learning a song like “Forever Autumn” takes time, patience, and daily practice. With the proper technique, breathing support, and emotional delivery, you will soon be able to channel your inner Hayward and sing this evergreen classic beautifully.