How to Learn Singing “Fragments of Time” from Daft Punk

Learning to Sing “Fragments of Time” by Daft Punk

“Fragments of Time” by Daft Punk is a quintessential example of electronic pop vocal styles. The song centres around keeping your voice light and bright, with a strong emphasis on Twang. The resonating, nasally sound you hear in this song is a direct result of this style.

Understanding the Song’s Technique: Twang

Twang is a technique that is not only a characteristic sound of pop music, but also used in musical theatre and country music genres. Artists like Katy Perry often use this technique as well. To master the twang, watch the How to Twang Exercise.

Mastering the Technique

Start by finding your vocal range using the Singing Carrots vocal range test to understand which notes you can comfortably sing. Once tested, try the Pitch Training feature which can help recognize when you’re producing the right levels of twang in your singing.

Twang involves very precise control over your voice, but don’t get discouraged if you’re not able to get it right immediately. Consistent practice is the key. It might be beneficial before starting your practice to warm up your vocal cords, try this 3 Minute Warm Up exercise video.

Once you feel comfortable with the technique, start practicing with our Songbook’s Search songs by vocal range feature. Pick a few songs that feature twang and start practicing!

Learn More

For more information on mastering different singing styles, vocal techniques, and maintaining vocal health, check out the Educational singing course offered by Singing Carrots.

Remember, every singer’s journey is unique. Every day you practice you add fragments of time to your journey of becoming the singer you want to be! Happy singing!