How to Learn Singing “Gentle on My Mind” from Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on My Mind”

“Gentle on My Mind”, sung by Glen Campbell, requires a velvety and smooth vocal technique. It’s characterized by note agility, a clean onset of sounds, and gentle phrasing. Let’s break these components down.

Note Agility

Fast passages and quick transitions between notes are a key element of this song. To master these, you need a flexible and agile voice. This requires healthy vocal technique, being properly warmed up, and comfortable in your range. You can measure your agility using the Vocal Range Test and improve it through the Pitch Training exercises.

Onset of Sound

Clean and smooth onsets contribute to the song’s gentle nature. Avoiding vocal fry, aspiration, or glottal strokes are crucial. Watching this video will be very helpful to master clean onsets.

Phrasing Technique

The phrasing in “Gentle on My Mind” reflects the contemplative, unhurried nature of the song. This How to Learn a Song Effectively article will give you tools to master the phrasing aspect.

The smooth and often fast technique of singing used in this song can also be found in other popular songs like “It’s Only a Paper Moon” by Ella Fitzgerald and “Moon River” by Frank Sinatra.

Always remember, maintaining vocal health should be your first priority. Refrain from pushing or straining your voice. Visit our Vocal Health page for preventive and healthy habits.