How to Learn Singing “Girlfriend” from Charlie Puth

Learning to Sing “Girlfriend” by Charlie Puth

The upbeat pop track “Girlfriend” by Charlie Puth showcases the singer’s signature falsetto technique—a singing mode that involves using your voice in an octave higher pitch than your normal range. You might also recognize this technique in other popular songs like Maroon 5’s “Sugar” and Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack”. Here’s how you can learn to sing this song effectively.

Understand Your Voice

First, take a vocal range test to understand your limitations and strengths. Follow it up by checking out this article on voice types.

Apply Proper Singing Techniques

“Girlfriend” demands careful control in the transition from chest voice to falsetto. Learn about voice registers and practice controlling your transitions. You should also concentrate on your breath support—start by practicing the Farinelli Breathing Exercise.

Train Your Pitch

Aiming for a flawless pitch is critical, use our pitch accuracy test and pitch training tool for this.

Learn song’s Melodies and Rhythms

Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to get the melodies and rhythms right. Analyze the articulation used in the song, and practice it with Finger Bite Exercise.

Focus on Vocal Health

While practicing falsetto, vocal health is really important to prevent any vocal cord damage. Get acquainted with vocal health tips.

Perform in Your Authentic Voice

Replicating the exact tonality of the original song may not suit your unique voice. So, understand the importance of finding your own authentic voice.

Also, watch this Stage Tips Video for help with performance.

Good luck, and happy singing!