How to Learn Singing “Glitter In the Air” from Pink

How to Learn Singing “Glitter In the Air” by Pink

Learning to sing a particular song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we’ll explore how to master the beautiful and emotionally charged song “Glitter In the Air” by Pink. This song showcases Pink’s unique vocal techniques and requires a delicate balance of control and vulnerability.

Understanding the Unique Vocal Technique

One of the standout features of “Glitter In the Air” is Pink’s use of the vocal technique known as “vocal distortion.” This technique adds a raw and gritty quality to her voice, creating a sense of intensity and emotion in the performance.

If you’re not familiar with vocal distortion, it’s the intentional manipulation of the vocal sound to create a raspy or growling effect. It’s commonly used in rock and pop music to add power and grit to the vocals. Pink has mastered this technique and uses it to great effect in “Glitter In the Air.”

Practical Tips to Learn the Song

Now that we understand the unique vocal technique used in “Glitter In the Air,” let’s dive into some practical tips to help you learn the song effectively:

  1. Analyze Your Voice: Before you start practicing the song, take some time to analyze your own voice. Singing Carrots provides a helpful article on how to analyze your voice that can guide you through this process.
  2. Warm Up and Breathing: Begin each practice session with a proper warm-up and breathing exercises. Singing Carrots offers a singing course that covers breathing basics and warm-up techniques.
  3. Study the Vocal Registers: Understanding your vocal registers is crucial for singing this song. Check out Singing Carrots’ article on voice registers and vocal break to develop control over your different registers.
  4. Master Vocal Distortion: To achieve the vocal distortion used by Pink, you can refer to Singing Carrots’ informative article on vocal distortion, which explains various techniques and exercises.
  5. Practice with Vocal Pitch Monitor: Singing Carrots offers a Vocal Pitch Monitor tool that provides real-time visual feedback on your pitch accuracy. Use it to practice and refine your performance of “Glitter In the Air.”

Other Songs Utilizing Vocal Distortion

Vocal distortion is a powerful technique used by many artists in different genres. Here are a few popular songs where vocal distortion is also employed:


Learning to sing “Glitter In the Air” by Pink is an opportunity to explore vocal distortion and develop your own emotional expression. Remember to warm up, practice with proper technique, and leverage Singing Carrots’ resources to enhance your learning experience. Enjoy the journey and let your voice soar like glitter in the air!