How to Learn Singing “Go” from blink-182

Learning to Sing “Go”: A Study in Punk Rock Power Vocals

“Go”, by American rock band blink-182, uses a range of singing techniques. It is characterized by its fast tempo and the vocal power and emotional intensity of its lead singer, which defines its punk rock style.

Analysis of “Go”

The song falls within the baritone range – a common vocal range in pop and rock music. The vocal line is predominantly in the chest voice register, as explained in our article about voice registers. The singer, Mark Hoppus, uses a strong, assertive tone, produced by singing in what’s known as the heavy modal register. This technique is also explored in detail in songs like Green Day’s “American Idiot” and Foo Fighters’ “All My Life”.

The melody also employs a portion of twang – a vocal technique that allows for louder singing without strain, especially in higher pitches. The technique is explained and demonstrated in this video lesson and find out how various popular singers use it here.

Getting Started

Before starting to learn “Go”, a great first step is to check whether the song matches your vocal range. To do so, use our vocal range test. If the song’s range doesn’t match yours, you might have difficulty singing it without strain. But fear not, our tool to search songs by vocal range will help you

Learning the Song

Once you’ve determined the song suits your range, you should start learning the melody. Use our unique Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your sung notes on a virtual piano, or our game-like Pitch Training tool to test and improve your pitch accuracy.

Breathing exercises such as the Farinelli Method can be invaluable in maintaining vocal power for the entire song. If you’re new to breath support, check our article on breath support techniques.

Developing Your Style

After nailing the melody and the lyrics, focus on adding stylistic elements into your rendition. Artists like Mark Hoppus make use of expressive devices like twang and distortion to add to their unique vocal style. Feel free to experiment with these techniques and see how they alter the sound and feel of the song. Any technique should be used with caution and never cause discomfort.

In Conclusion

Singing songs like “Go” not only challenges your vocal range and power but helps you unlock and explore new expressive vocal techniques. By combining technique and emotion, you’ll be able to bring the punk rock energy of “Go” to life while ensuring a healthy and viable way of singing.