How to Learn Singing “GOLDWING” from Billie Eilish

Learning to Sing “GOLDWING” by Billie Eilish

One of the key elements in Billie Eilish’s “GOLDWING” is the use of whispery head voice. This technique is also found in songs like “Ocean Eyes” and “Bury a Friend” by the same artist, and it adds to the soft, dreamy aesthetic of her music.

Whispery Head Voice

A whispery head voice is achieved by using your head register while allowing some air to leak through, creating a soft, breathy tone. It’s important to keep your larynx low to achieve this sound and to avoid straining your voice. The Voice Registers & Vocal Break article is a great resource for understanding this vocal technique better. Practice it with our Pitch Training exercises.

Understanding Your Voice

In order to sing detailed songs like “GOLDWING”, you need to first understand your voice well. Our Vocal Range Test and article on voice analysis can play crucial roles in understanding your vocal capabilities better.

Learning the Song

Start by listening carefully to the song to understand the melody, rhythm, and lyrics. Follow our guide on How to Learn a Song Effectively for more detailed steps. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor tool to check the accuracy of your notes when you practice.

Applying the Techniques

Apply the whispery head voice technique while paying attention to melody, breathing, and pronunciation. Check Breathing Basics and Articulation articles to support your singing practice. With these tips, you’re on your way to mastering Billie Eilish’s unique vocal style!