How to Learn Singing “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” from Dwight Yoakam

Learning to Sing “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” by Dwight Yoakam

If you’re a fan of traditional country, you’ll love digging into Dwight Yoakam’s “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues.” The song is notable for Yoakam’s distinct use of vocal twang, a technique that adds a sharp, bright quality native to country and bluegrass genres. It’s also used in popular songs like “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

First, prepare your voice with some warm-up exercises: This 3-minute routine is a great start and an excellent practice-starter for everyday singing.

Vocal Twang

Twang is the keen easily identifiable element in Yoakam’s singing. Learn more about this technique in our article about Contemporary Vocal Techniques. Also, watch this video exercise on how to twang.

Vocal Range and Pitch

Before diving into the song, assess your vocal range using our Vocal Range test then compare your range with Dwight Yoakam’s. This will help you sing in a comfortable register. Also, practice your pitch accuracy with our Pitch Accuracy Test.

Learning The Song

Start learning the melody and lyrics by singing along with the song. Slow down tricky parts using our Song Search tool. This tool can also help you find sheet music, lyrics, and even karaoke versions!

Emotion and Performance

“Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” is a deeply emotional song, thus conveying the story authentically is key. Read our article on how to sing with emotion to gain insight.


Country music often has very specific, regional pronunciations. Remaining true to these can bring authenticity to your performance. Learn about the importance of articulation from this article and further master it with this Finger Bite Exercise.

Remember, singing is about expressing yourself, so make the song your own while respecting the original style. Happy singing!