How to Learn Singing “Green the Whole Year ‘Round” from Celtic Woman

Learning to Sing “Green the Whole Year ‘Round” by Celtic Woman

Green the Whole Year ‘Round is one of Celtic Woman’s most outstanding songs due to its
vivid use of dynamics and pitch, which create an emotional experience for the listener. In
order to effectively sing this song, focus on your voice’s dynamics, pitch,
and emotional connection with the character.


Dynamics, the varying degrees of volume in a musical performance, is a significant aspect of this song. Start by studying your voice effectively with the article on voice analysis then proceeding to the pitch training to master your volume control and pitch variations.

Character and Emotion

Understanding the song’s character and emotional layers is as important as mastering the technical aspects. Providing the right emotion can be achieved by connecting with the song at a deeper level.

Practicing the Song

Begin by using the Vocal Pitch Monitor to ascertain your current vocal range. Then, use the range test to prepare for any high or low notes in the song. You can then use the pitch accuracy test to fine-tune your voice. The guide on how to effectively learn a song can add structure to your practice.

Technique: The Art of Legato

Understanding the vocal technique of legato will also greatly assist you in mastering this song. Legato, in music, indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected. Perfecting legato means achieving transition from note to note with no intervening silence. You can practice legato with techniques like ‘appoggio’, breathing with an ‘open throat’, and having a sustained vocal line. Check our articles on breath support and open mouth & throat for a deeper understanding and exercises.

The application of legato can be found in songs such as Andrea Bocelli’s “Con te partirò” and Renée Fleming’s “Ave Maria”. Mastering legato will not only help with “Green the Whole Year ‘Round” but with many other pieces as well.

Final Thoughts

Remember, perfecting a song takes consistent practice and patience. Track your progress and view your improvements by using our 21-lesson singing course. Lastly, remember to rest your voice regularly and maintain your vocal health.