How to Learn Singing “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” from Chicago

a woman teaching a girl how to sing

Learning to Sing “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago

The song “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago introduces various vocal techniques to truly master it and reflect its mood. Notably, this song particularly exhibits the use of vibrato, a vocal technique used to create regular pulsating changes of pitch, giving the song its unique texture and emotive quality. Famous singers like Whitney Houston and Freddie Mercury often used vibrato in their songs.

To sing this song, first, familiarize yourself with its melody and lyrics. Check out the Search songs by vocal range feature to find the song and practice singing it. Experiment different key ranges using the Vocal Pitch Monitor.

Next, understand the concept and technique of vibrato. Look at “Singing with Vibrato“. Learn how to incorporate vibrato into your singing through thorough article guidelines and exercises. Check the video “Diaphragm Bounce“.

Besides vibrato, lyrics articulation and right breathing approach will further enhance the performance. Articles titled “Articulation” and “Breathing basics” could be very helpful.

Ultimately, remember singing is about your unique expression. For equipped performer’s attributes, read about “How to overcome stage fright“, “Tips for performing on stage“, and “How to find your own authentic voice“.

Last but not the least, record your progress with Singing Carrots’ Pitch Training feature. It monitors your vocal improvement over time and provides constructive tips for consistent practice.

Happy singing!