How to Learn Singing “Heaven” from Jamie Foxx

Learning to Sing Jamie Foxx’s “Heaven”

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing like Jamie Foxx? One of his most iconic songs is “Heaven,” showcasing his unique vocal style and technique. In this article, we will explore the steps you can take to learn and master this song, along with some practical advice, vocal exercises, and Singing Carrots resources to help you along the way.

Understanding Jamie Foxx’s Vocal Technique

One of the distinctive features of Jamie Foxx’s singing style in “Heaven” is his ability to seamlessly transition between his chest voice and falsetto. This vocal technique, known as mix voice, adds depth and color to the song, creating a captivating and emotional performance. It’s also worth noting that Foxx incorporates a lot of melisma in his singing, where he embellishes certain notes with rapid vocal runs and trills.

If you’re unfamiliar with mix voice, Singing Carrots offers a helpful article on voice registers and vocal breaks. Understanding how to blend your chest voice and falsetto is crucial for achieving the smooth and seamless transitions heard in “Heaven.”

Learning “Heaven”: Step-by-Step Guide

To effectively learn and sing “Heaven” like Jamie Foxx, follow these steps:

  1. Analyze the song: Start by listening to the original song multiple times, paying close attention to Foxx’s vocal delivery, phrasing, and emotion. Take note of the key, melody, and any unique vocal techniques used.
  2. Warm up your voice: Before diving into the song, warm up your voice with vocal exercises. Singing Carrots provides a Pitch Training tool that offers interactive warm-ups and pitch exercises to improve your vocal range and agility.
  3. Break down the song: Divide the song into smaller sections and focus on mastering one section at a time. Pay attention to the dynamics, rhythm, and phrasing of each section.
  4. Practice the tricky parts: Identify any challenging sections of the song, such as high notes or quick melismas, and practice them separately. Singing Carrots’ Pitch Accuracy Test is a useful tool for improving your pitch accuracy.
  5. Work on vocal technique: Incorporate vocal exercises that target the specific vocal techniques used in “Heaven.” For example, Singing Carrots provides a video on how to twang, which can help you achieve the desired vocal resonance.
  6. Record yourself: Use Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor to record yourself singing and analyze your performance. This tool offers a visual representation of your sung notes on a virtual piano, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.
  7. Get feedback: Share your recordings with your singing teacher or fellow singers to receive feedback and suggestions for further improvement. Singing Carrots’ article on how to analyze your voice can help you develop a critical ear for self-assessment.

Similar Vocal Techniques in Other Songs

The vocal techniques used by Jamie Foxx in “Heaven” can also be found in other popular songs. For example, artists like Bruno Mars in “Versace on the Floor” and Miguel in “Adorn” also experiment with mix voice and melisma to create captivating vocal performances. Exploring these songs can further enhance your understanding and mastery of the vocal techniques showcased in “Heaven.”

For more in-depth singing tips and techniques, Singing Carrots offers an educational singing course covering singing theory and practical tips. You can find it here.


Learning to sing Jamie Foxx’s “Heaven” requires a combination of solid vocal technique, practice, and attention to detail. By following the steps above and utilizing the resources provided by Singing Carrots, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this iconic song and expanding your vocal abilities.