How to Learn Singing “Held Up Without a Gun” from Bruce Springsteen

Learning to Sing “Held Up Without a Gun” by Bruce Springsteen

“Held Up Without a Gun” by Bruce Springsteen is an energetic track that provides an opportunity to explore a specific singing technique: growling.

Understanding and Analyzing the Song

To start with, we should analyze the song and dissect its vocal characteristics. The song is in Chest Voice and is often brisk and punchy, with Springsteen employing a rock-style grip or ‘growl’ on the lyrics.

Before you start practicing the song, it would be beneficial to know your vocal range to understand if it suits you.

Emulating the Growl

Growling is a gritty vocal effect used frequently in rock and blues genres, it adds a raw, powerful emotion to the delivery. But it should be done correctly to avoid vocal strain. You can learn more about it in the vocal distortion and growling article.

For additional assistance, check out this Video Exercise on How to Growl.

Other Aspects to Consider

Growling can feel natural and effortless when supported by good breathing technique. The breath support article explains how to use your diaphragm for consistent and controlled breathing. For an engaging visual demonstration, check this Video Exercise on Farinelli Breathing.

Articulation is another critical component in this song. Bruce Springsteen often uses a ‘punchy’ articulation in his songs. Our Article on Articulation for Singers provides practical advice on improving pronunciation in singing.

Other Songs Using Growling

Once you master growling, explore other songs that use this technique. ‘Piece of My Heart’ by Janis Joplin and ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner are great options. Find these songs and more in our Song Search tool which allows you to find songs matching your vocal range and preferences.

Final Note

Remember, imitating a singer’s style can be fun and educational, but the ultimate goal should be to find your own voice. The article How to Find Your Own Authentic Voice can guide you towards developing your voice. Enjoy singing “Held Up Without a Gun” and continue your vocal improvements with Singing Carrots Training Tools.