How to Learn Singing “Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) [Live at the Isle of Wight]” from Jimi Hendrix

Mastering ‘Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)’ by Jimi Hendrix

‘Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)’ by Jimi Hendrix is a great song for exploring vocal distortion, an engaging vocal technique used across rock and blues genres. It can add style, drama, and emotion to your vocal performance if properly implemented.

Vocal Distortion

Vocal distortion is essentially the effect of grit or growl in the voice, akin to the sound of an overdriven electric guitar. It’s key to songs like ‘Hey Baby’, among many other Hendrix songs, as well as classics by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith and more. You can learn more about this technique in our article about vocal distortion.

The concept can be tricky to master, often requiring practice and control to prevent vocal damage. If you want to try adding distortion to your voice, see the How to Growl Exercise video.

Understanding Your Vocal Range

To effectively execute the song, consider your vocal range. Hendrix was a baritone yet he often sang in higher registers. Even if your vocal range differs, singing his songs is still achievable. Analyze your voice and determine your comfortable and extreme notes using our vocal range test. This way, you can match your unique vocal range against Hendrix’s and adapt the song to your style.

Learn the Song Effectively

Once you understand the technique and your vocal range, it’s time to dive in and learn the song. For a detailed process on learning a song effectively, check out this article.

Regular Practice and Monitor Progress

Regular practice is vital in singing and especially for mastering techniques like vocal distortion. With our pitch training tool, you can work on your pitch accuracy and, over time, observe the improvement.

Healthy Vocal Habits

Lastly, singing with distortion can strain the voice, so vocal health is of utmost importance. Always warm up before practicing, hydrate, rest your voice regularly, and don’t force the distortion. Visit our guide on maintaining vocal health for more tips.

With practice and mindful technique, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the unique vocal style in ‘Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)’. Happy singing!