How to Learn Singing “Higher Ground” from Stevie Wonder

Learning to Sing “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” is a masterpiece often chosen by singers for its intricate rhythmic patterns and brilliant use of vocal improvisation. Let’s decode the vocal techniques used and discover how to incorporate them in your performance.

Understand Your Vocal Range

Firstly, make sure the song fits your vocal range. You can determine your range with the Vocal range test. “Higher Ground” is often performed in C3-C5 range, but the song key can be adjusted to fit your voice.

Vocal Techniques in “Higher Ground”

One prominent technique Wonder utilizes is vocal improvisation. He often deviates from the main melody, introducing melisma and scat-singing elements. Check out the article on singing with intuition to better grasp this concept.

Another ingredient of Wonder’s unique sound is the vibrato. When holding long notes, he uses a consistent and controlled vibrato. Learn this technique with the Beggars Bounce and Diaphragm Bounce exercises.

Apply the Techniques

Once you’ve digested the techniques, it’s time to apply them to the song. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor when practicing to ensure pitch accuracy.

Remember, singing is not just about techniques but conveying emotions. The song has a powerful message, practice to communicate it convincingly. Review the tips for performing on stage to help with this.

Stay Healthy

Lastly, look after your vocal health while following this slightly strenuous regimen. Read the vocal health article for professional advice.

Good luck on your journey to learn “Higher Ground”, and don’t stop exploring new techniques!