How to Learn Singing “Holding Out for a Hero” from Footloose

Learning to Sing ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ from Footloose

Let’s dive into the process of learning ‘Holding Out for a Hero’. This iconic song has a theatrical style, demanding a potent mix of power, control and emotional expression. Successful delivery requires understanding your voice and mastering specific vocal techniques.

Understand Your Voice

First, take our vocal range test to ensure that the song fits comfortably within your range. ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ sits in the mezzo-soprano/alto territory, so consider key transposition if required. Learn more about voice types and the significance of this song’s range here.

Vocal Technique: Belting

The standout technique in this song is ‘Belting’. A powerful technique that enables a singer to bring the chest voice higher than usual. It gives a rich, full sound capable of cutting through a loud instrumental backdrop as seen in ‘Holding Out for a Hero’. It’s featured in several other popular songs like ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston and ‘Defying Gravity’ from the musical Wicked. Review contemporary vocal techniques for more information.

Practical Application

Start with the song learning process by breaking down the song into manageable sections. Analyze each section for pitch accuracy using our pitch test tool. Then practice the melody using our pitch monitor. Sing along the song in parts, focusing on the application of belting where it is most needed.

Review and Practice

Consistent practice is key in mastering a challenging song like ‘Holding Out for a Hero’. Incorporate techniques of breath support and ensure an open mouth & throat during practice.

Performing the Song

Finally, apply performance tips when you’re ready to belt out ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ on stage. Remember, great performances are a mix of intuition, skills, emotion and thinking.

Happy Singing!