How to Learn Singing “Home” from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical

Learning to Sing “Home” from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical

“Home” from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical is notable for its dynamic vocal range and expressive storytelling. The first step in learning this song is understanding your own voice. Our Vocal Range Test will help you analyze your vocal range.

The unique vocal technique used in “Home” is the musical theater mix, a blend of chest and head voice used to create a more emotional tone. This technique is also used in songs like “Defying Gravity” from Wicked or “Memory” from Cats.

Singing with a mix can be challenging, but our article on voice registers can provide some guidance. For practical exercises, try our Mixed Voice tutorial.

“Home” demands constant vibrato to maintain its intense emotional tone. Consider our article on singing with Vibrato and the Beggars Bounce exercise for practice.

Articulation is important as the lyrics tell a moving story. Enhance it with some insights from our article on articulation and the Finger Bite exercise.

The song requires a good control of breath to maintain its flowing melody. Our article on breathing basics and the Farinelli Breathing exercise can help improve your breathing technique.

Combine these steps with regular use of our Pitch Training tool and singing course to master “Home” and broaden your singing capabilities.