How to Learn Singing “Home” from Michael Bublé

Mastering ‘Home’ by Michael Bublé

‘Home’ by Michael Bublé is a journey in emotion, storytelling, and vocal prowess. It’s a beautiful ballad where the singer’s voice effectively delivers an emotional punch to listeners. Here are some tips to help you master this song!

Understand Your Voice

First off, it is crucial to understand your voice and its capabilities. Utilize our ‘Vocal range test’ to compare your vocal range with that of Michael Bublé.

Discover the Technique: The Crooning Style

The signature vocal technique in ‘Home’ is the crooning style, a smooth and intimate style that was immensely popular in the 20th century and brought back by Bublé. This style is also seen in songs by artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby.

Imitate the Style

Once you have understood the crooning style, the next step is to try and imitate it. A key element is the heavy use of the chest voice, which gives the warm, rich tone this style is known for. Watch our ‘Chest Voice Explained’ video to understand how to safely access and use your chest voice.

Focus on Articulation

Another important aspect is the clear articulation of each word. Practicing the ‘Finger Bite’ exercise can help you improve your articulation.

Master the Song

To learn ‘Home’ effectively, incorporate nuances like Bublé’s, focusing on your breathing, and practicing the song consistently. Our articles on ‘How to learn a song effectively’ and ‘Breathing basics’ may help. Finally, use the ‘Pitch Training’ tool to check your pitch accuracy and help you stay on track.

Adequate Rest and Patience

Remember, singing should be a joy, not a chore. Always listen to your body. Overexerting your voice can lead to vocal damage and hinder your progress. Read about vocal health in our article ‘Vocal health’.

Revisit and Record Regularly

Perfection doesn’t come overnight. Revisit the song regularly, record your singing, listen back, and make adjustments. Use our “Vocal range test” and ‘Pitch accuracy test’ to assess progress.

Follow this guide, and with patience and practice, you’ll be a step closer to mastering ‘Home’ by Michael Bublé. Happy singing!