How to Learn Singing “Honesty” from Billy Joel

Learning to Sing “Honesty” by Billy Joel: A Guide

“Honesty” by Billy Joel is a heartfelt ballad that requires a blend of nuanced emotions and vocal techniques. Let’s explore how you can learn this song effectively.

Understanding Vocal Techniques

In “Honesty”, Billy Joel employed a vocal technique known as Belting. Belting involves a louder, chest voice-dominant singing highly used in Pop/Jazz. It requires good breath support and vocal fold closure. Besides “Honesty”, you can hear belting in songs like “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. Learn more about this technique from our article.

The song also involves singing with emotion, bringing out the song’s theme with necessary inflections. Our article on this topic will be helpful.

Learning the Song

To begin, familiarize yourself with the melody and lyrics. Use our Song Search tool to find “Honesty” and its vocal range. This will also show if the song matches your vocal range. If not, consider transposing the song to your range. Our article on Learning a Song effectively will guide you through this.

Next, with the use of our Vocal Pitch Monitor, observe how your voice behaves when you sing this song. Does it strain on higher notes? Pay attention to your breath support and how open your mouth and throat are.

Improving Your Singing

Once you have practiced singing the song, it’s time to refine your singing. Identify the challenges you faced. Did your voice break in transitions between registers? Check out our article on Voice registers. Are some notes out of your comfort zone? Visit our Vocal Range Test and expand your range.

Belting requires solid breath support. If you run out of breath quickly, learn about the Active and Passive Breathing Technique from our article. Also, make sure to practice your breath support with Farinelli Breathing video exercise.


Lastly, singing is not just about sounding great but also delivering emotions convincingly. Leverage your understanding of the song’s theme and convey it emotionally. If you have stage fright issues, our article on overcoming stage fright could be useful.

Moreover, try recording your performance and analyze it. Our article on How to Analyze Your Voice will be a good reference point.

Honestly, learning “Honesty” could be your best way to improve belting and emotion-driven singing. Happy practicing!