How to Learn Singing “Hopeless Opus” from Imagine Dragons

Learning to sing “Hopeless Opus” by Imagine Dragons

“Hopeless Opus” from Imagine Dragons offers an exciting vocal challenge with its unique blend of rock and pop elements. The distinctive vocal technique used in this song is twang, a technique that illuminates the singer’s voice and gives it a brighter, more focused sound.

Understanding Twang

Twang involves the narrowing of the larynx’s aryepiglottic sphincter to create a strong, clear, metallic sound. The technique is often used in pop, rock, country, and Broadway style of singing. You can hear this technique in popular songs like “Firework” by Katy Perry and “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

To master twang, watch this tutorial on how to add it to your singing skill set.

Analyzing the Song

Sing along to the song to understand its structure and rhythm. Key sections to focus on are the verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. Pay attention to the lead vocalist’s inflection, phrasing, and emotional delivery. Use Singing Carrots’ Pitch Monitor to review your pitch accuracy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Start practicing individual sections of the song at a slower pace. Gradually increase the tempo as you grow more comfortable. Stay aware of your body posture, as it significantly affects your singing as we’ve addressed here.

To warm up your voice before practice, try this 3-minute warm-up.

Performing the Song

Once you’ve nailed the technical aspects, focus on performing the song with emotion. Don’t forget, singing is not just about hitting the right notes, but also about connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Take some time to delve into the lyrics, understand the message, and deliver it through your performance.

Check out our intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking guide to better understand these aspects of performance.

Remember, every singer’s voice is unique, and the aim is to sound like the best version of yourself, not like a carbon copy of the original singer. Enjoy the journey, and keep practicing!