How to Learn Singing “How Do I Live” from Leann Rimes

How to Sing ‘How Do I Live’ by Leann Rimes

‘How Do I Live’ by Leann Rimes is a beautiful heartfelt ballad about endless love. Its hallmark is the use of Belting, a vocal technique popular in pop and musical theatre. Belting is a healthy way of singing high pitches loudly, typically in the singer’s chest voice or mix. It’s also used in hits like ‘Defying Gravity’ from the musical Wicked and ‘Listen’ by Beyoncé.

Firstly, determine your vocal range to be sure the original key of the song is suitable for you. If the song’s highest note is outside your comfortable singing range, consider transposing it to a key that better suits your voice.

Mainly, focus on maintaining relaxed breath support and openness in the mouth and throat. This will prevent straining or constricting when attempting to achieve the powerful high notes of the song.

For the belting sections of ‘How Do I Live’, you might find it helpful to practice with our Pitch Training. This will ensure you are on pitch even when applying extra power to the voice.

Remember that Belting should not hurt. If it does, review your breathing technique and make sure you’re maintaining healthy vocal posture.

Throughout the song, try to connect with the emotional content. ‘How Do I Live’ is a deeply emotional song, so deliver every phrase with sincerity. Use our Emotion-control/Performing exercise to help you channel these emotions without compromising your vocal technique.

Articulation is another vital part of this song. Ensure that the lyrics are clear and contribute to the storytelling aspect of the ballad. Practice using the Articulation exercise to enhance your diction.

Last but not least, remember that singing, like any other skill, demands practice. Sing ‘How Do I Live’ regularly using our Song Search to track your progress. Happy singing!