How to Learn Singing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana

How to Learn Singing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana

Learning to sing a new song can be an exciting and challenging experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of learning to sing “How Far I’ll Go” from the animated film Moana. This song, performed by the character Moana, showcases a unique vocal technique known as belting.

Understanding the Song

Before you begin learning to sing “How Far I’ll Go,” it’s important to familiarize yourself with the song. Watch the original performance to understand the melody, rhythm, and emotion portrayed in the song. Pay attention to the key changes and vocal embellishments used by the original singer.

Identifying the Vocal Technique

The vocal technique prominently used in “How Far I’ll Go” is belting. Belting is a powerful singing technique that involves using the chest voice to sing high notes with intensity and strength. It gives the song its dynamic and emotional impact. Some popular songs known for their belting include “Defying Gravity” from Wicked and “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Practical Tips

To effectively learn and sing “How Far I’ll Go,” here are some practical tips:

  1. Analyze Your Voice: Take the vocal range test on Singing Carrots to determine your vocal range. This will help you understand which parts of the song suit your voice best.
  2. Breathing and Breath Support: Review the article on breathing basics to optimize your breath control. Proper breath support is essential for belting high notes.
  3. Warm-Up and Vocal Exercises: Before singing the song, warm up your voice with vocal exercises. Use the pitch accuracy test and the vocal pitch monitor tool on Singing Carrots to practice pitch accuracy and visualize your sung notes on a virtual piano.
  4. Articulation and Pronunciation: Pay attention to the articulation of the lyrics in “How Far I’ll Go.” Practice clear diction and proper pronunciation to convey the song’s meaning effectively. Refer to the articulation article for more guidance.
  5. Emotional Connection: Connect with the emotions expressed in the song. Channel your emotions while singing to bring authenticity and depth to your performance. The singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking article can provide valuable insights.


To aid you in your journey of learning “How Far I’ll Go,” here are some Singing Carrots resources you can utilize:

With a combination of practice, vocal technique mastery, and emotional connection, you’ll be able to learn and perform “How Far I’ll Go” with confidence. Enjoy the journey and let the song take you on a musical adventure, just like Moana!