How to Learn Singing “How Long” from Charlie Puth

Learning how to sing a particular song can be an exciting and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore the steps to learn and master Charlie Puth’s “How Long.” This catchy song showcases Puth’s impressive vocal range and unique vocal technique. We will also explore the practical advice and Singing Carrots resources that can enhance your learning process.

1. Vocal Analysis and Voice Type

Before diving into learning the song, it is essential to analyze your voice and determine your voice type. Singing Carrots provides a helpful guide on voice types that can assist you in understanding your vocal range and capabilities. Knowing your voice type will help you adapt the song to suit your vocal abilities.

2. Breathing Basics and Breath Support

Proper breathing technique is crucial for singing any song effectively. Singing Carrots offers an insightful article on breathing basics and breath support. These resources will help you develop the necessary control and stamina to sing “How Long” with ease.

3. Vocal Technique: Register Control and Vocal Break

In “How Long,” Charlie Puth showcases his control over different vocal registers and seamlessly transitions between them. Understanding the concept of voice registers and recognizing your vocal break will enable you to tackle the song’s challenging sections more effectively. Singing Carrots provides valuable insights into leveraging your voice registers for a seamless performance.

4. Articulation and Diction

Puth’s clear articulation and diction contribute to the overall impact of “How Long.” To enhance your own performance, it is essential to develop proper articulation skills. Singing Carrots offers exercises like the Finger Bite exercise that can help you improve your enunciation and clarity.

5. Vocal Warm-Up and Practice

Before diving into the song, it is crucial to warm up your voice. Singing Carrots provides various warm-up exercises like the humming exercise and the 3 Minute Warm Up. Incorporating these warm-up exercises into your practice routine will prepare your voice for the challenges of “How Long.”

6. Other Popular Songs Utilizing Similar Vocal Techniques

Charlie Puth’s vocal style is distinctive and has garnered him considerable fame. The unique vocal technique showcased in “How Long” can also be found in other popular songs. Some notable examples include Puth’s own songs like “Attention” and “One Call Away.” Exploring the vocal techniques used in these songs will provide you with a broader understanding of Puth’s vocal style and enhance your performance of “How Long.”

Learning a song like “How Long” requires patience, practice, and a willingness to explore and develop your vocal abilities. By incorporating the practical advice and resources offered by Singing Carrots, you can enhance your learning experience and deliver a captivating rendition of this popular song. So, grab your microphone, get ready to sing, and let Singing Carrots guide you on this musical journey.