How to Learn Singing “I Believe” from Fantasia

Learning to Sing “I Believe” by Fantasia

“I Believe”, performed by Fantasia Barrino, is a powerful gospel-pop ballad requiring proficiency in several vocal techniques. One of the key techniques to master in this song is gospel-infused belting, mixed with expressive runs and note bending.

Analyzing the Song

To begin, you should analyze your voice to understand the nuances of Fantasia’s performance and vocal style. Start by taking our vocal range test and then our pitch accuracy test to know where you stand.


Fantasia utilizes a strong belting technique throughout “I Believe”. You can learn more about this contemporary technique in our article on Contemporary Vocal Techniques. Other popular belters include Jennifer Hudson (“And I’m Telling You”) and Whitney Houston (“I Will Always Love You”).

Expressive Runs and Note Bending

Fantasia’s delivery is filled with expressive runs and note-bending techniques, adding a soulful quality. This style is also well utilized in Beyoncé’s “Listen” and Mariah Carey’s “Hero”.

Practicing the Song

Once you’ve understood the techniques, start practicing the song with our song search tool. Monitor your pitch and range with our vocal pitch monitor. Also, consider using the pitch training tool to fine-tune your accuracy with the song’s notes.

Expressive Performance

This is a deeply emotional, gospel-inspired song. For a truly authentic performance, marry your intuition, emotion, and singing skills. Use our guide on Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking to help effectively engage your audience.

In Conclusion

With effective techniques and emotive delivery, “I Believe” can be a strong addition to your repertoire. As you master the distinct vocal styles inherent in this song, you’ll be able to apply them to a wide range of other genres and pieces. And remember, consistent practice using the Singing Carrots tools and resources will undoubtedly benefit your vocal journey.