How to Learn Singing “I Believe in You” from Frank Sinatra

Learning to Sing ‘I Believe In You’ – Frank Sinatra

‘I Believe in You’ is an iconic song by Frank Sinatra that requires finesse and control. This piece uses a style popular in jazz and swing songs, featuring smooth vocal runs and a relaxed pace.

Understanding the Song

Firstly, listen to the song multiple times to become familiar with the melody, rhythm, and interpretative nuances Sinatra uses. Pay particular attention to his phrasing and articulation. Using the ‘Vocal Pitch Monitor’, sing the song and visually observe your pitch accuracy compared to Sinatra’s.

Vocal Technique

Sinatra uses the Twang technique, mainly used in Jazz and Pop. This involves creating a bright, powerful sound that cuts through a mix, without having to increase volume. It can also help improve overall resonance, which Sinatra uses exceptionally well in ‘I Believe in You’.

The twang technique is also used by other popular singers like Elvis Presley, Billy Joel, and Etta James. Try this exercise for mastering Twang.

Gradual Practice

Remember to warm up properly before singing. Don’t rush into singing it at its original pace; start slow and gradually speed up. Use the ‘Vocal Range Test’ to ensure this song is within your vocal range, and remember it’s about precision and pitch accuracy, not loudness.

Performing the Song

Sinatra was noted for his confident yet relaxed stage presence. While singing this song, focus on your articulation and injecting feelings into the lyrics. For stage performance tips, see our article and video.

To sum up, analyzing songs and learning from the masters is key to growing as a singer. Singing Sinatra’s ‘I Believe in You’ is a delightful journey that will improve your control, understanding of Twang, pitch accuracy, and performance skills. So, get started!