How to Learn Singing “I Found” from Amber Run

How to Learn Singing “I Found” by Amber Run

In this article, we will discuss how to learn singing the song “I Found” by Amber Run. This song showcases the unique vocal technique of powerful belting, which is commonly used in pop-rock ballads. It is an emotional and expressive song that requires good control of breath support, vocal range, and dynamics.

To begin learning “I Found,” it is important to have a solid foundation in vocal technique. Here are some resources from Singing Carrots that can help you develop the necessary skills:

  • Pitch Training – This interactive vocal warm-up and exercise platform will help improve your pitch accuracy and agility.
  • Breath Support – Learn the basics of breath support and how it can enhance your singing.
  • Voice Registers & Vocal Break – Understand the concept of voice registers and how to transition smoothly between them.
  • Open Mouth & Throat – Discover why it is important to open your mouth and throat while singing for better resonance and projection.
  • How to Learn a Song Effectively – Get practical tips on how to effectively practice and memorize songs.

Once you have familiarized yourself with these techniques, you can start working on “I Found” by following these steps:

  1. Analyze the Song: Begin by listening to the original song multiple times. Pay attention to the melody, rhythm, dynamics, and emotional nuances. This will help you understand the song structure and identify any challenging sections.
  2. Work on Breath Support: As “I Found” requires powerful belting, it’s crucial to have good breath support. Practice exercises that focus on strengthening your diaphragm and controlling your breath. The Farinelli Breathing exercise can be particularly helpful in this regard.
  3. Warm Up your Voice: Before attempting the song, warm up your voice with vocal warm-up exercises. You can try exercises like humming, sirens, or gentle lip trills. The 3 Minute Warm Up video is a great resource for quick vocal warm-ups.
  4. Break Down the Song: Divide the song into smaller sections and practice each section separately. Pay attention to the melody, rhythm, and lyrics. Use the Song Search feature on Singing Carrots to find songs with a similar vocal range and difficulty level to help you practice.
  5. Focus on Vocal Technique: As you practice each section, focus on applying the vocal techniques you have learned. Maintain good posture, open your mouth and throat, and use proper breath support. Refer to the Singing Carrots articles and videos mentioned above for detailed guidance on specific techniques.
  6. Add Expression: “I Found” is an emotional song, so it is important to convey the emotions effectively. Experiment with dynamics, phrasing, and vocal nuances to bring out the essence of the song. The Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking article provides valuable insights on adding emotion to your singing.
  7. Record and Evaluate: Record your practice sessions and listen to them critically. Identify areas that need improvement, such as pitch accuracy, breath control, or vocal tone. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to assess your pitch accuracy and make necessary adjustments.

With consistent practice, dedication, and the guidance of Singing Carrots resources, you can learn to sing “I Found” by Amber Run with confidence and skill. Remember to enjoy the process and express yourself through your singing.