How to Learn Singing “I See Fire” from Ed Sheeran

Learning to Sing “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran

“I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran is a beautifully harmonic tune that involves the utilization of several unique vocal techniques, predominantly resonance and vocal distortion. Mastering these techniques will not only help you perform this song but also enhance your singing versatility in performing other popular songs like “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Understanding the Vocal Techniques

Resonance plays a crucial role in cultivating the rich, warm tone present in “I See Fire.” It involves using the body’s internal surfaces to amplify and modify the sound produced by vocal cords.

Vocal distortion, also referred to as growling, adds a unique texture to the song. This technique requires careful execution to prevent vocal damage. Take time to learn and practice this technique responsibly by following professional guidelines.

Preparing to Sing the Song

Before diving right into the song, take some time to warm up your vocal cords to engage your full vocal range. You can use the Humming exercise as a starting point.

Make use of the Vocal range test to understand where your voice fits in and compare your range with that of Ed Sheeran, you’ll find it interesting.

Singing “I See Fire”

As you begin singing “I See Fire,” focus on resonating your voice in your chest and head to get the warm, deep sounds that characterize the song. To practice vocal distortion or growling effect, use the How to Growl Exercise.

Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your pitch accuracy as you navigate through the song, ensuring that you maintain correct pitch while using vocal distortion.

Practice Sustain and Breath Support

Long sustained notes are integral to “I See Fire,” hence breath support becomes critical. Enhance your breath support by following the guidelines given in this article. This would help you in delivering clear notes without running out of breath.

To practice sustaining long notes without strain, try the Sustain Vocal exercise.

Mastering the Song

As you practice and become comfortable with these techniques, you’ll find the clarity and texture of your voice improving. To further refine your skills, try the Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game.

Remember, singing is an art, and the true essence of art lies in enjoyment. So, enjoy the learning process.