How to Learn Singing “If You Can’t Sing It (You’ll Have To Swing It)” from Ella Fitzgerald

How to Learn Singing “If You Can’t Sing It (You’ll Have To Swing It)” by Ella Fitzgerald

Welcome to Singing Carrots, where we help singers like you enhance their vocal skills and learn iconic songs. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of learning the classic tune “If You Can’t Sing It (You’ll Have To Swing It)” by Ella Fitzgerald. We’ll explore the unique vocal technique used in the song, provide practical advice, and recommend important Singing Carrots resources to assist you in your journey.

1. Get Familiar with the Song

Start by listening to the original recording of “If You Can’t Sing It (You’ll Have To Swing It)” by Ella Fitzgerald. Pay attention to her phrasing, dynamics, and overall performance. This will give you a good sense of the style and energy required for the song.

2. Analyze Your Voice

Understanding your voice is crucial for singing any song effectively. Check out our article on how to analyze your voice to learn about vocal range, voice type, and techniques specific to your voice classification.

3. Breathing and Breath Support

Proper breathing technique is essential for singing with power and control. Take a look at our articles on breathing basics and breath support to improve your breath control.

4. Vocal Technique

“If You Can’t Sing It (You’ll Have To Swing It)” showcases Ella Fitzgerald’s incredible ability to swing and scat. To master this unique vocal technique, explore our article on contemporary vocal techniques. It explains the concepts of heavy modal, twang, and belting, which are commonly employed in songs like this.

5. Practice with Vocal Exercises

Singing Carrots offers a variety of vocal exercises to help you develop the skills necessary for this song. Utilize our pitch accuracy test to assess and improve your pitch, and our Vocal Pitch Monitor to visualize and refine your sung notes. These tools will enhance your pitch accuracy and control.

6. Find Similar Songs

Ella Fitzgerald’s scatting and swinging style influenced many other artists. To further immerse yourself in this genre, explore our song search tool. You can find other songs with a similar vocal technique, difficulty level, and genre preference.

7. Track Your Progress

As you practice and refine your skills, it’s important to monitor your progress. Singing Carrots provides progress statistics that allow you to track your improvement over time.

8. Singing Course

For a comprehensive singing education, consider enrolling in our educational singing course. It covers singing theory and practical tips that will enhance your overall vocal abilities.

With these resources and tips, you’re well-equipped to start learning “If You Can’t Sing It (You’ll Have To Swing It)” by Ella Fitzgerald. Remember to practice consistently, analyze your voice, and have fun while singing. Happy swinging!