How to Learn Singing “illicit affairs” from Taylor Swift

Learning “illicit affairs” by Taylor Swift

“illicit affairs” is a masterpiece by Taylor Swift that employs several vocal techniques. The most prominent is a healthy mix of Pop/Jazz and Classical singing. It allows the emotion to seep through while maintaining vocal balance.

Analyze Your Voice and Song

Before you start singing, analyze your voice using the Vocal Range Test, and refer to our articles on Voice Types and Voice Registers & Vocal Break.

Strive for Emotional Intensity

Remember, always sing with emotion. This song demands emotion-control to capture the raw intensity of Taylor’s voice. The Relaxing Breath exercise can help you manage your emotions while performing.

Practice is Crucial

Learning a song effectively requires consistent practice. The article How to learn a song effectively gives useful tips for this. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to check your pitch during practice sessions.

Develop Resonance and Open Throat

The song heavily relies on resonance and an open throat for a full, rich sound. Learn how to create Resonance in Singing and the importance of keeping an Open Mouth & Throat.

Be Conscious of Your Posture

Posture affects your singing more than you think. This article and the Good Singing Posture guide will help you get it right.

“illicit affairs” by Taylor Swift is also a great song to enhance articulation with its delicate phrasing. Develop this skill with the Articulation article and Finger Bite exercise.

Other Songs to Practice

Here are some other songs with a similar mix of Pop/Jazz and Classical singing:

  • “Delicate” by Taylor Swift
  • “Love Story” by Taylor Swift
  • “Cardigan” by Taylor Swift

You can find more using our Song Search tool.

Finishing up

Conclude your daily practices with Vocal Health habits. After nailing down “illicit affairs,” take your next step in singing education by enrolling in our Singing Course.