How to Learn Singing “I’m Eighteen” from Alice Cooper

How to Learn Singing “I’m Eighteen” by Alice Cooper

Learning to sing a particular song can be a fun and rewarding experience. In this article, we will explore the process of learning to sing “I’m Eighteen” by Alice Cooper, a classic rock song known for its energetic performance and unique vocal technique.

The Unique Vocal Technique

“I’m Eighteen” showcases a powerful and gritty vocal style, often associated with the genre of hard rock. The song requires a combination of chest voice and mixed voice techniques, allowing the singer to transition smoothly between low and high notes while maintaining a strong and edgy tone.

One popular technique used in “I’m Eighteen” is belting. Belting involves pushing the chest voice into the higher register, producing a powerful and resonant sound. This technique can be challenging to master, so it is important to approach it with proper vocal technique and caution to avoid straining or damaging your voice.

Belting is also used in other popular rock songs like “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC and “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Studying these songs can give you additional insights into the belting technique and help you improve your vocal skills.

Practical Advice

To effectively learn “I’m Eighteen” and master the belting technique, here are some practical tips to follow:

  • Warm up your voice: Before starting any singing practice, it is crucial to warm up your voice properly. Singing warm-up exercises, such as lip trills or humming, can help relax and prepare your vocal cords for the challenges ahead. You can try the warm-up exercise here.
  • Analyze your voice: Understanding your vocal range and voice type is essential when learning any song. Take the vocal range test on Singing Carrots to determine your range and compare it with well-known singers.
  • Focus on breath support: Proper breath support is crucial for belting. Take a look at our article on breath support to learn more about this technique and how to strengthen it.
  • Practice vowel modification: Vowel modification is an important aspect of belting. Experiment with modifying vowels to achieve a clear and resonant sound. You can find exercises on vowel modification in our educational singing course, here.
  • Listen and learn from recordings: Studying live performances or studio recordings of “I’m Eighteen” can provide valuable insights into the unique style and vocal techniques used by Alice Cooper. Pay attention to his phrasing, dynamics, and overall vocal delivery.
  • Consult Singing Carrots resources: Singing Carrots offers a variety of tools and resources that can help you in your journey. Utilize the song search feature to find more songs suitable for your vocal range and style. Additionally, the vocal ranges of famous singers can serve as a reference point for understanding different vocal techniques.

Learning to sing “I’m Eighteen” requires practice, patience, and a focus on developing vocal techniques such as belting. By utilizing the practical advice and resources provided by Singing Carrots, you can enhance your singing skills and confidently perform this iconic rock song.