How to Learn Singing “I’m Not in Love” from Diana Krall

Learning to Sing “I’m Not in Love” by Diana Krall

Diana Krall’s rendition of “I’m Not in Love” is a bluesy, jazz-infused ballad characterised by expressive vocal phrasing and striking emotional intensity. An essential aspect of Krall’s interpretation is controlling the breath support to effortlessly navigate fluctuating dynamics and navigate the belting technique used in the song.

Understand the Song’s Demand

The song spans from F#3 to G#4, covering the area through chest register, across the break-zone and into head register. Test your vocal range to verify it’s within your voice type.

Mastering the Techniques

“I’m Not in Love” features multiple belted notes, requiring strong breath-support and opening the throat. Learn to control dynamic shifts without constricting the throat muscles. Take guidance from our pop/jazz vs classical singing article and increase your belting mastery with our article on contemporary vocal techniques.

Bringing Emotion to the Melody

Connect with the lyrics to sing with authentic emotion. This song is an invitation to explore vulnerability in your performance. Taking slow breaths before you sing can be a valuable way to centre yourself and tap into the song’s emotional content, as guided by our overcoming stage fright article.

Practice the Song

Start learning the song by dividing it into smaller parts, and tackle difficult sections using our Pitch Monitor to correct any off-pitch notes. Don’t forget to warm up your voice before each practice session with exercises such as Humming and 3 Minute Warm Up.

The Final Takeaway

The vocal styling found in “I’m Not in Love” is also used effectively in other Krall tracks like “The Look of Love” and “Temptation”. Don’t limit yourself to one song, explore more of Diana Krall’s discography via Song Search. Happy singing!