How to Learn Singing “In a Week” from Hozier

Learning to Sing “In a Week” by Hozier

“In a Week” by Hozier is a hauntingly beautiful song that gives singers the chance to explore storytelling through vocals. It primarily focuses on the technique of singing in a mixed voice. This song tests your ability to smoothly transition between your chest and head voice.

Start by identifying your vocal range and comparing it with Hozier’s range (E2 – B4). Understanding your voice type can give insight into which areas of the song you might struggle with.

Learning a song isn’t just about knowing the melody. “In a Week” tells a story with its vocals, so try to connect with the lyrics. Use articulation to communicate the story to listeners, and preserve your vocal health by not overstraining your voice in areas where it might be uncomfortable.

Managing breath is a key element for this song. Harmonize breathing with the song’s rhythm by practicing breath support, which enhances your tone and helps avoid vocal fatigue. You can try exercise like the Farinelli Breathing to build a strong foundation. Don not forget to breathe actively and monitor your posture throughout, which affects your ability to take deep breaths.

The unique technique of vocal distortion makes Hozier’s performance stand out. It involves creating a raspy, growling effect that amplifies the expression of desperation in the song’s lyrics without causing harm to the vocal cords. You can practice this effect with this how-to-growl exercise.

Remember to use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure you’re hitting the correct notes at all times. Another tool that can help is the Pitch Training on Singing Carrots. They include exercises to build your range and improve your ability to sing with accurate pitch.

Similar artistic choices are seen in Hozier’s other songs, such as “Take Me to Church”, and in songs by artists with similar vocal styles, like Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen. Singing “In a Week” trains you to approach such songs confidently.

So, embrace the practice, and find more songs that fits your vocal range. Share your journey with us at Singing Carrots.