How to Learn Singing “In a World of My Own” from Kathryn Beaumont

In a World of My Own – A Unique Singing Journey

The iconic song “In a World of My Own” by Kathryn Beaumont features the alluring technique of vocal storytelling. This technique brings the song to life, painting a whimsical picture. Let’s delve into how you can master this song using Kathryn’s unique technique and infuse it into your repertoire.

Vocal Technique: Storytelling

Vocal storytelling, similar to singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking, relies on conveying emotion and narrative through your singing. Other songs featuring this unique technique include “Hotel California” by Eagles, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

Learning the Song

Start by understanding your voice. Utilize tools like the vocal range test and pitch accuracy test to analyze your vocal capabilities. This song requires an emphasis on clarity and articulation; try the Finger Bite exercise to improve it.

Next, practice the melody on the Vocal Pitch Monitor, noticing the nuances and dynamics of the song. Remember to relax and let your breath support your singing. Breath support is an integral part of singing, helping avoid throat constriction.

Mastering the Technique

Storytelling in singing is about expressing emotions authentically. The authentic voice and correct articulation are crucial to communicate the story. Achieve this by practicing expressing a variety of emotions while singing.

An important element in storytelling is diction. Words should be clear and rolled out in the manner which best communicates the emotion you intend to portray.

Performing the Song

Once the song and storytelling technique are well-practiced, it’s time to perform. Begin by establishing the right posture to ensure effective breath control and support.

Performing could also bring stage fright. Use strategies including deep breathing and visualization, to combat this. Perform with sincerity and confidence, allowing the story of the song to engage your audience.

Take the Journey

Learning “In a World of My Own” offers a chance to explore and improve your singing. While you journey through this process, remember to keep your voice healthy, maintain your posture, breathe properly, and most importantly, enjoy the process! Here’s to stepping into a world of your own!