How to Learn Singing “Is This Love” from Bob Marley

Learning to Sing ‘Is This Love’ by Bob Marley

“Is This Love”, a classic song by Bob Marley, offers excellent insight into the reggae genre’s unique vocal technique. Marley’s style in this song epitomizes smooth, relaxed singing with a focus on rhythm and timing.

Analyzing the Song

Firstly, use our vocal range test to determine if the song fits within your range. “Is This Love” is predominantly sung in the chest voice, which our voice registers article explores in depth. Marley’s style is relaxed and effortless, relying heavily on resonance rather than high pitch.

Practicing the Rhythm

Reggae’s unique rhythm, known as the ‘off-beat’, can be challenging. Practice clapping or tapping the rhythm before trying to sing. Our Pitch Training tool can also help with rhythm awareness.

Vocal Technique

Marley’s vocal technique leans towards a relaxed, speech-like singing style, often described as Heavy Modal Voice. This style is also seen in artists like John Legend in “All of Me” & Amy Winehouse in “Back to Black”. The key is using correct breath support and maintaining an open mouth and throat.

Learning the Lyrics

Understanding lyrics and their delivery is vital, especially with Marley’s characteristic articulation. Check our article on articulation in singing to master this.

Performing ‘Is This Love’

Finally, singing should convey emotion. Marley’s songs are always emotionally rich. Explore our guide on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking and offer an authentic rendition of “Is This Love”. The performance tips article could help prepare for performing this song in front of an audience.

Armed with these resources, you will be better equipped to tackle “Is This Love” and other similar songs. Remember, practice makes perfect!