How to Learn Singing “It Will Come Back” from Hozier

Learning to Sing ‘It Will Come Back’ by Hozier

Whether you’re a seasoned singer or a beginner, Hozier’s ‘It Will Come Back’ is a song that can challenge and improve your skills. The song is particularly known for its soulful melody and use of vocal distortion, more specifically Growl.

Understanding the Song

Start by familiarizing yourself with the melody and lyrics of the song. Sing along with Hozier or find a version in the Song Search appropriate for your vocal range. Use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to see if you’re hitting the right notes.

Growling Effect

When you listen to ‘It Will Come Back,’ you can clearly hear Hozier’s signature growl effect at many points. Growling is a vocal technique that adds richness and emotion to your singing. Our Vocal Distortion & Growling guide can help you understand this technique better. Watch the How to Growl Exercise video to practice the growling technique safely.

Articulation and Emotion

Key elements in singing ‘It Will Come Back’ are articulation and emotion. Our Articulation guide can help you learn how to shape and express the words properly, while the Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking blog will teach you how to connect with the song emotionally.

Practice Techniques

The Farinelli Breathing exercise is a good warm-up and practice-starter before you start singing this track. Use it to ensure breadth control and stamina. Our Pitch Training exercises will further help you fine-tune your accuracy.

Remember, singing a song like ‘It Will Come Back’ is a journey. Use the tools and guides provided here, and have fun exploring Hozier’s unique vocal style and making the song your own.