How to Learn Singing “Jackie and Wilson” from Hozier

Learning to Sing “Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier

One of Hozier’s most famous songs, “Jackie and Wilson,” is characterized by its wide range, soulful tone, and use of the vocal technique known as twang. Twang is a sharp, bright sound created by the aryepiglottic squeezing of the pharyngeal space, adding a distinctive nasality that cuts through the band’s sound. This powerful resonance is used in many popular songs.

Understanding Twang

Begin by understanding and practicing twang. Our How to Twang Exercise is a great starting point. For more insight, read about Contemporary Vocal Techniques.

Analyze Your Voice

Next, assess your vocal range using our Vocal Range Test tool before you dive into the song. Our guide on how to analyze your voice can also be helpful.

Learning The Melody

Now, you’re ready to break down the melody. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to see the notes you’re singing, and compare them with the original. You can also use our Pitch Accuracy Test to assess your pitch accuracy as you sing.

Experience Other Songs Using Twang

To further develop your understanding of twang, explore songs that use the same technique. Use our Song Search feature to find songs matching your vocal range and preferences, then rehearse them to familiarize yourself with twang’s unique sound.

Final Tips

Don’t forget to also focus on breath support as it’s crucial to implement twang correctly. Read our articles on Breath Support and Breathing Basics for guidance. Above all, remember to protect your vocal health, here’s how.

Happy practicing!