How to Learn Singing “Just the Two of Us” from Andrew Foy

Learning to Sing ‘Just the Two of Us’ by Andrew Foy

This fingerstyle guitarist turned singer offers an acoustic rendition of ‘Just the Two of Us’ that demands a soft, light mixed voice. Let’s break down key features of the song and see how Singing Carrots’ resources can assist you.

Apply a Light Mixed Voice

In this cover, Andrew uses Mixed Voice technique where he smoothly transitions between chest voice to head voice. His emotional rendition requires a lighter mixed voice, which means reducing vocal cord tension while maintaining a good vocal fold closure. Practicing Mixed Voice techniques can help.

Maintaining Vocal Agility

This song is filled with swift melodic changes, requiring increased vocal agility. You can improve your agility by practicing Pitch Training – Educational Singing Game which provides fun vocal warmups and exercises.

Matching Your Vocal Range

If you’re struggling to match Andrew Foy’s range, do not worry. Use the Vocal range test tool to find your vocal range and search for this song in a suitable key from Search Songs tool.

The Power of Phrasing and Breath Control

Notice the breath control in Andrew’s performance, allowing smooth, connected phrases. Learning Breathing Basics and Breath Support can help perfect your phrasing while maintaining vocal strength.

Articulation & Emotional Expression

The emotional depth of this song is delivered through careful articulation and expressive singing. Learning about Articulation, and using the Vocal Pitch Monitor to practice intonation can help perfect your performance.

Concluding Thoughts

Singing ‘Just the Two of Us’ by Andrew Foy is a great way to exercise your mixed voice and phrasing skills while exploring emotional connection to a song. As you continue to practice, remember to monitor your progress and reflect on your growth.