How to Learn Singing “Kill This Love” from BLACKPINK

How to Learn Singing BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”

Are you a fan of BLACKPINK and want to learn how to sing their hit song “Kill This Love”? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll break down the unique vocal technique used in the song, provide practical advice on how to learn it effectively, and recommend some helpful Singing Carrots resources to support your learning journey.

The Vocal Technique of “Kill This Love”

“Kill This Love” showcases powerful and dynamic vocals, with a mix of melodic verses and intense choruses. One of the standout vocal techniques used in the song is belting. Belting is a popular technique in contemporary pop music that involves singing with a powerful and resonant tone in the higher register. It adds a lot of energy and emotion to the performance.

BLACKPINK’s members demonstrate excellent control and execution of belting in “Kill This Love,” particularly in the chorus. They hit high notes with strength and precision while maintaining a balanced and controlled sound. This technique helps to create an impactful and memorable vocal performance.

It’s worth mentioning that belting is also commonly used in other popular songs by artists like Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J. If you’re interested in exploring this vocal technique further, you can check out our article on contemporary vocal techniques: heavy modal, twang, and belting for more in-depth information and exercises.

Tips for Learning “Kill This Love”

Now that you know about the vocal technique used in “Kill This Love,” here are some practical tips to help you learn and master the song:

  1. Analyze Your Voice: Start by understanding your vocal range and identifying which parts of the song might be more challenging for you. You can use the vocal range test on Singing Carrots to assess your range and compare it with the vocal ranges of famous singers, including BLACKPINK members.
  2. Warm-up Properly: It’s essential to warm up your voice before attempting any challenging song. Singing Carrots offers a variety of warm-up exercises in the Pitch Training section. You can also try the How to Twang Exercise and the How to Growl Exercise videos for specific vocal techniques used in the song.
  3. Focus on Breath Support: Belting requires proper breath support. Be sure to work on your breath control and learn the correct breathing techniques for singing. Our articles on breathing basics and breath support can provide you with valuable tips and exercises.
  4. Practice with Vocal Pitch Monitor: Singing Carrots’ Vocal Pitch Monitor is a fantastic tool that allows you to visually see your sung notes on a virtual piano. It can help you improve your pitch accuracy and stay on key while singing “Kill This Love.”

Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots offers a range of resources to support your singing journey. Here are some specific resources that can be helpful for learning and practicing “Kill This Love”:

  • Pitch Training: Explore the interactive vocal warm-ups and exercises in this section to improve your vocal range, agility, and pitch accuracy.
  • Song Search: Use this tool to find songs that are suitable for your vocal range.